Octopizzo Biography: Basic Profile, Early Life, Education, Career, Family, Relationship, Awards, Songs, Social Media Accounts

Octopizzo Biography: Basic Profile, Early Life, Education, Career, Family, Relationship, Awards, Songs, Social Media Accounts

Octopizzo is a talented Hip-hop artist, youth ambassador, father, activist, CEO, and founder of the Octopizzo Foundation. He is often called ”Octo” as his stage name.

Basic Information

Real name: Henry Ohanga

Occupation: Artist

Birthday: Born in 1988 (Specific date unknown)

Nationality: Kenyan

Birth place :Kibera Slums, Nairobi, Kenya

Children: Tracy, Zara, Fredy Flaco

Net Worth: $2.5 million or Ksh 299,million

Early Life

Octopizzo was born in 1988 in Kibera, Nairobi Kenya. He is the first born in their family of four.

He lost his parents at an early age and the tough upbringing became his motivation to do better in life.


Octo went to Mashimoni Primary School and later joined St. Gloria Secondary School in Kibera. He furthered his studies at St. Mary’s College in Changamwe, Mombasa.

He is a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with certification in social impact strategy. He graduated in 2018.

In 2019, he graduated from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA) upon completion of a course in leadership, organizing and action. 

Before furthering his music outside Kenya, he worked in a Juakali-based garage for 3yrs before joining music full time.

Octo at the University of Pennslyvania
Octo om stage

Octopizzo interest in music developed while he was still young. Artists like Jay Z, Nas, Biggie, 2Pac, Chino XL, Supernatural influenced him. 

He participated in various freestyle competitions like G Pange Hip Hop Challenge, Hip Hop Halisi Freestyle Challenge, and Usanii Kona Hip Hop Challenge which he won.

Upon coming to Nairobi, he dropped his second name Ohanga and started referring to himself as Octopizzo.

He also participated in major world events like; Shambala Festival in UK, Spoken World In Berlin,Sauti za Busara Festival in Zanzibar, Kenyan Night in Dubai, Reepabhan festival Hamburg, and Coca cola world cup tour

He has 3 blend tapes which includes: Strugglers of Nairobi (S.O.N.) 2008, Youthful Gifted and Black (Y.G.B.) 2009 and The White Shadow 2010. S.O.N.

Besides music, he is an entrepreneur and has established his own fashion line called called YGB (Young Gifted and Black).

He is also the C.E.O of Chocolate City in Kibera Tours, Founder and Executive Director at Octopizzo Foundation which tries to offer support to youths who exist on the edges of society.

 He also partnered with UNHCR in a project called Artist for Refugees as an ambassador for Awareness of violence against women and girls. His partnership showcased the artistic nature of the refugees in various camps.

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Unlike most artists, Octo is a staunch family man. He is married to a (mzungu) and together they have three kids namely; Zara, Stacy and Fredy Flaco.

octopizo’s wife

Past relationships and scandles are not known.

House & Cars

Octo owns a Honda Civic Type R sports car worth almost Ksh 4 million. 

In 2019, he lived in Woodly Estate in Nairobi. He avoids publicity hence much of where he lives is not well known.

Awards & Recognition

In 2012, he won the Best Male Artist of the year.

In 2015, he was crowned the Best Hip hop artist at the Coastal Nzumari Awards.

In 2021, he made it to Grammy Awards consideration list. 


Some of his songs includes;

  • Young puffy
  • Ivo Ivo
  • T.B.T
  • King size
  • Noma ni
  • Babylon
  • Wakiritho
  • Pockets
  • No signal
  • Level up
  • Tom Mboya
  • Vile inafaa
  • Black Star
Net worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million.

Social Media Accounts

Octopizzo’s Instagram: @DONPAPICHULO

Octopizzo’s Twitter: @OCTOPIZZO

Octopizzo’s Facebook: @Octopizzo 

Octopizzo’s YouTube: Octopizzo

Latest Song Video

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